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September 22, 2005

Hurricane Katrina images captured by Martin Lisius on 35mm and HD video for StormStock. Credit: Martin Lisius, Prairie Pictures, Inc.

ARLINGTON, TX - Storm photographer Martin Lisius recently captured the fury of hurricane Katrina on both film and HD as the storm made landfall last month. Lisius, the president of Prairie Pictures, shot the footage for StormStock, a large storm footage library he established in 1993.

Working with a team of photographers, Lisius and crew positioned themselves at locations along the coast, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Footage includes a high water rescue attempt, storm surge sweeping off the Gulf, and structures falling from the intense wind. One StormStock videographer came upon people collecting coins from a Biloxi casino that had dumped them into the sand.

Lisius is currently on location, shooting footage of pending hurricane, Rita.

Sample clips from Katrina can be viewed at

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