Post Magazine
October 4, 2005



TakeTwo (www.taketwo.tv) worked with Blurgirl, Jeran's production company on the project helping to develop the story - which is driven by an experimental fractured narrative style and visual effects - in the post production process. The film's storyline focuses on the relationship between best friends Magus and Zero. When Zero discovers a translucent piece of blue glass - a dragon tear - and they look through it, he is transported into an alternate universe of images and dreams created by TakeTwo visual effects artists. Magus follows Zero into this other realm where they come upon a captivating woman named Eave, who draws them deeper into this new world and challenges their friendship.

TakeTwo's visual effects director Michael Ong lent his unique sensibilities and visual style to the project, creating the film's look by selecting a very specific style and tonal range.

?TakeTwo has been focused on building upon its high-end national editorial and visual effects work - and partnering in a feature film was a natural evolution for the company," says Rogers. "When I read Rossana's script, I loved it and knew that we could provide the film with the perfect complement of talent and technology."

In anticipation of their growth into the entertainment arena, Rogers has purchased a new 15,000 square foot two-story warehouse in Kansas City's Crossroads district, which is currently being renovated. TakeTwo/Clip will continue to service the commercial market, while TakeTwo focuses providing film, entertainment and long format projects with high-end production and post production services.

The studio will be outfitted with multiple Avid and Autodesk Smoke seats.

"We're custom designing the space from the ground up with multiple Avid suites, Final Cut Pro suites, Discreet Smoke suites, and graphics stations, as well as plenty of room for client lounges, client workstations, and lots of play and recreational space," says Rogers. "We hope to open the doors early next year, in time for a gala screening of the film."