July 21, 2005


NEW YORK - Trollback + Company (www.trollback.com) recently completed work on a multifaceted rebrand for Court TV. In addition to the broadcast redesign, the studio also created outdoor signage, which is being used throughout Manhattan.

Trollbäck + Company was charged with redefining the Court TV image. The studio came up with a new attitude for the network that includes a strategy, design, logo and tagline, all in an effort to promote the compelling mystery and drama that unfolds during court cases and investigations covered on the network.

Broadcast graphics are based around the elements of DNA tests, which often come into play in influencing the outcome of a case. Trollbäck + Company art director Todd Neale used a clean combination of bold typeface, vibrant colors and crisp graphics, incorporating the symbolic DNA test band. Using a color palette of bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens, the studio devised the energetic graphics along with a new logotype design and the "Seriously Entertaining" tagline.

Trollbäck + Company used Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator in creating the graphics. An Avid and Apple's Final Cut Pro was used for editing.