June 12, 2006


The track was written by Greg Barnhill and Randy Wachtler. 

“NBC’s Frank Radice came up with a great title and had some great creative direction, Greg and I took it from there,” says 615 president/CEO Wachtler. “I wanted a contemporary song with a lyric and melody that sounded more like what’s on the radio today. Greg came up with a great hook, and our team took that ball and ran with it in the arrangement and recording. The singer of ‘It’s a New Day’ is a vocalist named Becki Corcoran, who really just nailed the sound we were looking for.” 

Wachtler has a long history with The Today Show. In 2002, 615 Music developed and produced the theme music for the show’s “Only on Today” campaign, and from 2002-2005, Wachtler wrote the lighthearted music to accompany the popular “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” travel series. In 2005, 615 Music earned a National Daytime Emmy award nomination in the “Outstanding Original Song” category for the tune “Live for Today,” the predecessor theme song from The Today Show.