September 14, 2006


His career includes time at working on Columbia Pictures' Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within. Previously, he founded Metropolis Digital, a CG production house in San Jose, CA.  His first job in the industry involved launching the animation division of Frame-by-Frame Productions in Fremont, CA.

Since joining Laika in 2000, Casey has filled several roles in different areas of the studio, including building up its research and development group and serving as director of digital production. He was a key player in establishing the foundational practices for all of Laika's current entertainment productions and helped to design the protocol for commercial production at the studio. He was also the CG supervisor on Laika Entertainment's CG short Moongirl, directed by Henry Selick.
In his new role, Casey's first priority will be to work closely with director Jorgen Klubien to develop an original look for Laika Entertainment's first all-CG film,
Jack and Ben's Animated Adventure.  After that, his digital design group will work to digitally develop and adapt the visual style for future Laika projects.