June 22, 2006


The company’s high-end Lustre Master Station has been used on feature film projects, such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and more recently, King Kong. The new Lustre HD release – now in beta and expected to ship in August – is designed to offer similar primary, secondary and select color grading features for those working exclusively in video formats at a more-accessible price point.

While the high-end Lustre Incinerator Master Station and Lustre Master Station run on both Windows and Linux, the initial release of Lustre HD will be Windows only. Autodesk showed Lustre HD at this week’s Promax/BDA show in New York City. The turnkey system has an entry price of $120,000, which includes an IBM 6223 dual-processor workstation with an Nvidia FX4500 SDI graphics board, software, I/O and a Sony LCD monitor. Autodesk will also offer a 1.75TB/4Gb fibre channel storage solution for an extra $25K, as well as a custom-designed worksurface, which costs $25K too.