June 19, 2006


Metaphrenie in Berlin created Adidas’ Impossible Team commercial (pictured) using Autodesk Maya 3D animation software. The entirely computer-generated ad features the Adidas +F50 Tunit and +Predator Absolute soccer shoes, as well as the gold & black Adidas +Team Geist matchball that will be used in the final World Cup game. Artists at Metaphrenie used Autodesk Maya to model, texture and animate all aspects of the commercial, including the ad's two main characters, soccer players' legs and feet, the Adidas products, and the environment.

London’s The Mill used Discreet Flame to create Football Dream, a commercial for the UK bank Nationwide Building Society. This humorous ad promotes the society's longstanding relationship with England’s soccer team. In the spot, the bank manager - famous from previous Nationwide ads - falls asleep while speaking to a client about loan rates. He dreams that he is a soccer goalie who is only one save away from winning the World Cup for England. After taunting the opposing player, the bank manager makes a dramatic save with an overhead scissor kick.

The studio used its Discreet Flame system to create various aspects of the dream sequence. First, Flame was used to design and build the soccer stadium and to create abstract crowds that make it clear that the bank manager is dreaming. To create the one smooth shot of the overhead scissor-kick save, artists had to cut and fold the bank manager's body movements in Flame. The tool was also used to add in a variety of smaller elements such as confetti, flares, neon lights and signs around the stadium.

And German post facility Locomotion used a variety of Autodesk products to create a commercial for a mobile phone network O2 Germany. In the spirit of the World Cup, the ad shows four German soccer legends engaging in a scrimmage inside one of their homes. As they play, the walls of the house fly away and a soccer stadium is exposed. Autodesk Maya was used to create the stylized 3D world, including the house, furniture, balls, stadium, shadows and mobile phones. Combustion was used for b-spline rotoscoping work and pre-composites, while the Flame system was used for high-definition finalization.