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September 11, 2006
CIPRICO SHOWS NEW HIGH-PERFORMANCE RAID The MediaVault 4440 is configured with four removable Video Pods, each containing its own 4Gb Fibre Channel controller and ten 2.5-inch SATA disk drives for a total of four channels and 40 drives. The combination provides a data transfer rate of over 1GB/s and a total capacity of up to 6.4TB. The use of the 2.5-inch disk drives makes the unit highly portable for location production and editing when paired with a laptop.

Ciprico is also offering a customized, high impact shipping container for users who want to take the system on the road. Reliability and fault tolerance is provided through the availability of RAID 6 technology within each Video Pod, ensuring both data integrity and read/write performance even in the event of any two disk drive failures. This means the 4440 subsystem can sustain up to eight failed disk drives and still continue to serve the application with maximum read and write throughput. An additional security feature is provided through hardware data encryption so data can be transported without concern of loss or theft. 

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