March 29, 2006


As the highest level M model, the new M90 is designed for all-out performance with a projected increase of 50-60 percent more horsepower than Dell’s M70 predecessor. The unit weighs 8lbs. and features a 17-inch wide panel display along with a right side media I/O cluster with a headphone jack, SD card reader, 1394 port and PCIe card slot. The unit has an Nvidia graphics card and six USB ports, as well as media buttons on the front panel, speakers and a three-button mouse.

The M65, Dell reps say, is designed for pros that are concerned about the size and weight of their mobile system. The unit offers the same performance as the M70, but in a package that’s 1lb. lighter. The M65 is equipped with a 15.4-inch wide panel display as well as a 1394 port.

While official pricing was not available at press time, Dell reps suggest that the M65 will cost a little less than the M70 (which will be phased out), and the M90 a little higher.