June 7, 2006


Currently, there are two Dolby configurations designed to integrate with Icon D-Control systems equipped with a third-party paddle controller: Dolby DMU/CP650SDA and Dolby DS10/DS4E/DSI5/CP650SDA. Diagrams for each of these systems will be posted in the Icon section of the Digidesign Web site next week. The audio interconnections between the Icon I/O and Dolby encoding, mastering, and decoding equipment are provided as preliminary configuration information to aid customers seeking to obtain Dolby approval.

“Icon is very quickly becoming a new standard in post production and film mixing with over 1,000 systems installed worldwide,” says Digidesign professional market manager Gannon Kashiwa. “Dolby certification in international markets is critical for our customers to achieve in order to fulfill the requirements for theatrical releases. Therefore, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Dolby Production Services to detail the setup needed to make D-Control part of a Dolby-approved workflow for mixing films, commercials and trailers, and we’re thrilled that these new system diagrams will help our customers obtain Dolby approval for their studios.”

In addition to the set-up diagrams, Digidesign will provide a Pro Tools session routing scheme that enables users to record and monitor individual stems and the final multi-channel mix from within a single Pro Tools environment where feasible. While shown with a third-party paddle controller that requires Pro Tools HD 7.2 software (available Q3) and that is also required for Dolby approval, all functionality is available without paddles and can be used with Pro Tools HD software versions available today.