September 21, 2006


The honor will be presented at the HPA Awards on November 1st, scheduled to take place at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Chosen by the HPA Board of Directors and the HPA Awards Committee, the Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes an individual, organization or company that has made a significant impact on the post production industry.

Cohen is a widely-recognized innovator, businessman and teacher who has helped shape the post industry. Many fundamental post methods and practices in sound, sound editing, film and video completion were first conceived and implemented by Cohen. This is particularly true of his enabling work in high definition and the development of 24p technology for motion pictures and television. 

During the span of his career, Cohen has held executive positions with Glen Glenn Sound (VP, operations), Compact Video Services (president), Image Transform (president), Pacific Video (president), and Laser Pacific Media Corp. (president and CEO).

HPA Awards ( will also be presented for accomplishments in Color Grading, Editing, Audio Post, and Compositing. There will be a special award for Engineering Excellence as well.