March 15, 2006


OneFS with TrueScale enables linear scaling of both performance and capacity. Both can be scaled independently as well, meaning performance can be improved without the need to add capacity.

In conjunction with the announcement comes news that Isilon is now shipping its IQ Accelerator, which allows customers to modularly increase the aggregate write and read throughput of their data storage without adding additional capacity. The IQ Accelerator can be used with Isilon’s entire product line and quickly connects to any IQ cluster in just 15 seconds, turbo charging performance on the fly with no system downtime.

Isilon has also released the new EX 6000, a high-capacity clustered storage product that, when combined with the company’s IQ 6000, can serve as a low-cost, “near-line” archive solution. The EX 6000 contains 6 Terabytes of SATA-II disk capacity in a 2U form factor and uses Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology to connect to each Isilon IQ 6000 platform node. By leveraging OneFS 4.0 with TrueScale and SAS, the combined products create a high-density, 60 TB offering that can modularly scale to hundreds of Terabytes in a single, unified cluster and single file system. Isilon says its list price is $4,000 per Terabyte for a complete solution.