October 19, 2006


The spot was edited by Geordie Anderson of Bluerock (www.bluerockny.com) and relied on effects by Spontaneous (www.spon.com) to achieve the final results.

Music pulsates as the camera pulls back. What looks like a view from a high-rise office, pulls back to reveal imagery on a widescreen monitor. Further pullbacks place live action footage of everyday people's lives on a jumbo-sized screen in a major city and on the face of a mobile phone. Voiceover states LG's business of producing plasmas and LCDs that range from two inches to 102 inches, and everything in between.

The Spontaneous team coordinated all of the camera moves during preproduction, collaborating with Gaddie in order cut off potential problems. The company's director of VFX Andy Milkas says artists made technical adjustments to reduce parallax effects as the camera zooms back, as well as added and subtracted reflections on real glass, added glass where there was none, and built the giant screen in CG.Offline editing was done on an Avid system and the online was performed using a high definition Discreet Inferno system, which handled tracking and compositing.  

Graphics were created in Adobe After Effects and CG elements, such as the big screen in the heart of the city, were created using Softimage|XSI.Carola Boada assisted Anderson on the edit. Fergus McCall at The Mill handed color correction. Music production company Nylon, in Sydney, Australia, provided the soundtrack and Joe O'Connell at Blast Digital in New York provided sound design.