May 19, 2006


HDCAM videocassettes use Maxell’s ultra-high-performance binder systems to achieve a high level of durability, essential to resilience in ENG and EFP environments. The small cassette lineup includes 6-, 12-, 22-, 32- and 40-minute lengths, while the large cassette lineup includes tapes that run 34, 64, 94 and 124 minutes.

Maxell’s D-5 series is a multi-purpose format equipped to handle standard, wide and high-definition television configurations. The company has developed D-5 videocassette products using its 0.1 µm diameter ultra-fine Ceramic Armor Metal particles and advanced tape technologies, which results in impressive performance, head-to-tape contact and durability.

Maxell's DVCPRO HD videocassettes (pictured) are designed for HD television applications. By adopting Ceramic Armor Metal particles and implementing a durable binder system, Maxell has improved the intensity of the 6.35 mm HD tape’s magnetic layer, creating a reliable medium for ENG/EFP recording and extended archiving. Cassettes are available in 126-minute lengths.

Maxell’s DVPRO Master is an HD cassette that realizes 720p recording and playback of high-definition video on a ¼-inch 6.35 mm cassette tape. Designed for HDV and DV systems, DVPRO Master employs a new robust lubricant and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) film providing improved image quality and performance. The format is suited for videographers, low-budget filmmakers, and corporate and institutional productions. The 63-minute cassette is specifically designed for HD and for use in cameras that call for a Mini DV HDV cassette. DVPRO Master is also available in 96- and 186-minute lengths.

And Maxell’s LTO 3 is suitable for data storage and archiving. It features Maxell’s corrosion-resistant Ceramic Armor Metal particles for long data life and holds up to 800 GB of capacity.