June 20, 2006


He will also lead product development and user interface design for Qubic, the GUI by which artists submit jobs into Qube!.

At LucasArts, Brew worked with artists and programmers to develop art pipelines and solve production issues. He contributed to many of the games developed by LucasArts over the past six years, including Gladius, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and Escape from Monkey Island.  

For the past two years, he focused on next-gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games.  
Prior to joining LucasArts, Brew was a technical art director at Square USA Studios in Honolulu, where he worked on the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. While working at Square USA Studios, Brew developed scripts and plug-ins for modeling, animation, motion capture, rendering, and artist workflow.  

In 2003, Alias presented Brew with the Maya Masters award for achievement and contributions in 3D graphics. Brew is a founding and longstanding member of the Alias Games Advisory Council and continues his contribution to the development of Maya.