September 13, 2006



Mighty:Pictures provided full-service - including development, structuring, pre-production, production, editorial, finishing, music and sound - for the series, which stars Regena Thomashauer as Mama  Gena, founder of the School of Womanly Arts and Relationship Technologies. The show uses an unscripted forum to provide relationship advice, with Mama Gena interacting with a diverse mix of people.

"As VOD sets no pre-determined program length, the medium is liberating, but because there are no set boundaries it's also precarious," notes Sadoff. "While each show spotlights a particular aspect of pleasure, sexuality and self-empowerment, we had to meet the challenge of keeping it provocative for adults, while appropriate for children."

"We developed a format that sets up a real-life problem at the beginning of each show with a cry for help from a individual seeking guidance," adds Matyas. "Mama Gena, drawing upon her vast expertise, enthusiastically takes on the challenge of enlightening this person by showing them a path that leads to the resolution of their issue, and helps them reach closure - with both serious and not so serious problems"

Mighty:Pictures teamed with Mama Gena, as well as MagRack's VP programming Cyndy Cecil and senior writer/producer Michelle Adler to develop 15 four- to 15-minute episodes from the 50-plus hours of footage director Stephanie Daniels and DP Mark Smith shot throughout the Northeast. 

Daniels spent a dozen days in production with Smith, generating four to five hours of material for each show. Then came the critical task of selecting the best scenes to illustrate each episode's story arc. Each show needed to be freestanding and non-sequential, so that the episodes could be broadcast in any order.

Charlie Sadoff headed up the extensive post phase of the series, which took place over a three-month period. Mighty:Pictures' editors Aaron Ekroth and Andrew Romero cut the shows on an Avid. The creative team also tapped Adobe After Effects for title treatments and graphics.

Sound design for the series was created at the studio and mixer Brian Aumueller of New York's Blue Room provided audio post services.