January 20, 2006


Prior to joining Modern, Hasson was a DI and VFX editor for such companies as ILM, the Orphanage and Company 3. His VFX editing credits include Jurassic Park III, Minority Report, Star Wars Episode II, and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. Hasson also performed DI editing on Constantine, House of Wax, The Island, Domino, and others.

"Nick has worked on some of Hollywood?s biggest VFX films and large-scale digital intermediate projects," says Bill Watt, VP of operations at Modern VideoFilm. "He's one of the premiere iQ editors and has proven his skill in DI. We?re pleased to have him on board as client demand for Modern's DI services continues to grow."

Modern's DI technology includes Thompson Spirit 4Ks and Northlight scanners, Quantel iQs, ArriLaser film recorders, daVinci 2K, MTI's Correct digital film restoration and finishing, Bright Systems for storage and Nucoda for quality control.

At Modern Hasson has already worked on HD previews for a number of films, including John Tucker Must Die and Catch and Release as well as the DI edit of the upcoming Warner Bros. release Firewall.