October 16, 2006


This certification allows the facility to scan and restore films from that period from their original elements, including many of the classic titles from Warner Bros.’ own library.

With this certification, MPI becomes the only facility in Burbank that can scan, store and handle nitrate stock, which is not only flammable but volatile and can ignite from heat during projection. The National Fire Protection Agency therefore has strict regulations regarding the requirements a facility must meet and procedures that must be implemented before it can be certified as safe for handling nitrate stock. 

Chris Cookson, president of Warner Bros. Technical Operations and CTO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, says, “This will allow us to create the highest quality restorations from our classic library. We can use the original nitrate negatives whenever possible, rather than a second generation source in creating new masters for theatrical release, DVD and other uses. Our facility can now provide this service for all owners who have nitrate negatives but do not have the required safety standards in place.”  

Immediately following the certification, MPI began scanning its first nitrate stock negative: the classic 1942 Warner Bros. film Gentleman Jim, starring Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith.