April 5, 2006


Creative Bridge is now a Plus8Digital Technology Partner Company. Along with the MDLT, Creative Bridge partners Brian Gaffney and Dan Lion will represent the complete Plus8Digital inventory nationwide. Colorists and VFX supervisors Jeff Olm and Price Pethel will be represented as colorists for the MDLT. Plus8Digital will be the exclusive rental partner for Creative Bridge.

“This partnership advances our mission to maintain the vision of the cinematographer from digital capture to distribution,” explains Marker Karahadian, CEO and owner of Plus8Digital. “The Creative Bridge data centric model is what the industry is moving toward.”

“The dynamics of production are evolving into a new workflow paradigm,” says Brian Gaffney. “Cinematographers and directors can realize both cost savings and a greater creative control with this data-centric process. Our partnership with Plus8Digital allows us to customize this workflow and provide these services on location in a more efficient manner.”