July 28, 2006


 "To remain at the forefront of the industry and maintain our full service profile, we knew a complete audio post facility was the next step," explains Ad Rietvelt, who founded the facility back in 1986. "And to maintain our reputation, we needed to continue to provide superior work while meeting difficult deadlines. The Fairlight Constellation-XT is the most powerful and versatile digital audio system, which allows us to meet those deadlines and maintain our high standards."

The Fairlight Constellation-XT is powered by a 240-channel 72 buss QDC engine. Delivered in a single 8U frame, the system offers six bands of parametric EQ, two stage dynamics, 12 aux sends, a 48- or 96-track recorder and integrated plug-ins on each channel. The control surface also boasts a new high-resolution display technology that greatly enhances console operations.

The facility's Constellation is located within the building that houses the existing music suite and will add voiceover, sound effects, sound design and final mixdown services to its list of offerings. All of the facility's post systems are networked via servers, allowing client projects to easily move throughout the facility during the post process.