October 4, 2006


Chris Ballew, the lead singer of Presidents of the United States of America, led the list of top earners.
The company helps independent musicians license their music for TV, advertising and Web productions. Pump splits licensing revenues with musicians, while the artists retain complete ownership over their music.

“Pump Audio is an excellent way to feel like the music you make for your own enjoyment can find an audience and make you some extra cash at the same time,” Ballew says. “There is no risk, Pump Audio is easy to work with, and when that first check arrives it's a real rush to see your music in action.”

“We’ve always operated from the premise that, if you start with a fair business model that compensates people for their creative work, you can make money through the content itself — not just advertising,” says Steve Ellis, founder/CEO of Pump Audio.
Independent musicians earn money based on the actual use of their music in productions. In any given pay period, musician earn anywhere between a few hundred of dollars to thousands of dollars.
Pump’s production customers include MTV Networks, NBC Studios, HBO, New Line Cinema and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. It also is supplying music from its catalog of more than 65,000 tracks on the Web through the recently-launched MyPump Soundtrack service and deals with online video services.