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August 25, 2006

"The iQ has completed the package for our facility," states John Ramsay, executive producer. "The advanced editing features of the iQ - like having the picture and audio together on one timeline - work really well for us because most other systems simply cannot perform these functions very well at all."

Midway Games recently came to the studio for help posting a trailer for the new game Stranglehold, directed by John Woo. The trailer (WATCH THE VIDEO) was edited and designed by Doobie White and finished by VFX artist Wren Waters.

"The game programmers come to us with a special console which allows us to cheat," says Ramsay. "We capture hours of game play and focus on the really exciting sequences. Games trailers require lots of editing plus heavy effects and compositing work, all of which is done totally in HD on the iQ. We can then do whatever deliverable we like, but the full data is there. The iQ saves us tons of time because we usually need a film print for theatrical release, an HD and also an SD version for broadcast.  We just choose the format to output, press the button and away we go."

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