August 7, 2006


Barnyard marks Nickelodeon's most challenging animated project to date, with vast landscapes, realistic lighting, and scenes that incorporate more than 200 characters. The film's animation was created by Omation Animation Studios with voices by actors Kevin James, Sam Elliott and Danny Glover.

Sun provided a 620-node server farm and storage solution that was crucial in the completion of the complex animation. The solution is based on Sun Fire x64 enterprise servers powered by AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture, and 100-terabyte Sun StorageTek 3510 and 3511 FC arrays along with a Sun StorageTek tape library for online storage and backup of shot files and other movie assets.

Sun Customer Ready Systems helped migrate the production from its previous 32-bit render farm, and then configured, assembled and tested the new Sun render farm for the production. In addition, Sun provided continuous on-site consultation and support to the Barnyard production team.

The film's producers believe their Sun solution may represent the first time a studio has relied entirely upon 64-bit technology to render a full-length animated movie.