June 5, 2006


Toon Boom offers a number of animation products, including Harmony, Opus, Solo and Studio. Harmony is designed to meet digital animation production needs, whether it is cut-out or paperless. Its toolset, with morphing, inverse kinematics and glue, makes it suitable for studios that want to create the high-quality animation cost-effectively. Opus is designed for traditional animation production. From scanning, inking and painting, to compositing and rendering, its features translate into savings throughout the production process. For small studios and indies, Solo is a stand-alone animation software solution, while Studio is suitable for individuals. 

"Toon Boom’s software solutions are recognized as the market leading technology in the animation industry and the integration of Pegs’ technology in Toon Boom’s portfolio will enable the company to continue delivering quality, efficiency and reliability to the animation community - for all animation styles, formats and users," says Joan Vogelesang, president/CEO of Toon Boom.

The company’s clients include Nelvana, Klasky Csupo, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal, Mercury Filmworks, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Cosgrove Hall, King Camera, Cromosoma and Lanterna Magica.