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October 9, 2006
WAVES SOUNDS DESIGNS AUDI SPOT It was delivered in three versions — a :90, :60 and :40 — and opens in a Midwestern town as a man walks home from work through the evening darkness. He sees silver light streaks in the sky, horses get spooked and he realizes something isn't right. As he glances at the sky, he sees "something" hurtling through the atmosphere. Abstract documentary and photographic images reveal elements of a car as it hurtles toward the Earth. A title on a computer monitor reads, "To Date, NASA has filed 6,509 patents… In developing the A6, Audi filed 9,621." The A6 then plunges to Earth and into a dark ocean.

Wave's sound designer Johnnie Burn worked closely with Knucklehead's Green on the project."Authentic sounds and recordings were used where possible in order to fit in with the concept of a complex sound universe; original NASA mission control recordings, snippets of Midwestern radio stations and country-specific sound effects were all placed to lend the film a richness and depth that immerses the viewer and also hopefully mirrors the raw and real style of the images," describes Burn.

Neil Smith from @ Work edited the piece. MPC provided the finishing.