August 8, 2006


Her work includes projects for Nuveen, Anheuser Busch, Hallmark, Bayer and Nokia.

Feldt recently left a staff position at Amazon Edit, and has also worked through The Whitehouse and Cutaways. Vue Editorial marks the second time she’s worked through her own company, having set up a post facility in South Africa that was coincidentally called Cutaways.

“I am very excited about working as an independent and being able to make my own decisions about the future course and direction of my company,” Feldt says.

The location near post house Filmworkers Club gives her access to telecine, finishing, visual effects, graphic design and audio mixing services.

Feldt began her career as a documentary filmmaker but quickly gravitated towards editorial. She worked as an assistant editor on several British features produced in South Africa. She moved to Chicago at the instigation of fellow editor Roger Harrison, with whom she had worked in South Africa, to join his newly-formed shop, Cutaways. She joined The Lookinglass (now Whitehouse) in 1996 and came aboard Amazon Edit in 2003.