April 17, 2006


South By Southwest is a media conference that brings together innovative minds in film, music and interactive media. Three industry events – the SXSW Music and Media Conference and Festival, the SXSW Film Festival, and the SXSW Interactive Festival - converge each March in Austin.

IFC News was a sponsor of the event and was there to capture the festivities, panels, performances and premieres. To get the insider's perspective, IFC News chose three attendees and provided DV cameras to document their experience at the festival. IFC News also shot in-depth interviews with each, as well as event highlights. The result is the insightful, informative and entertaining IFC News Special: South By Southwest, Behind The Badge. The show begins airing on the IFC Web site today, and on the network the first week of May.

According to Zona creative director/designer Zoa Martinez, the look of the programming and promotional packages need to capture the show’s spontaneous, indie rock ‘n roll flavor. Martinez says the team chose a color palette of white, black, cadmium, sienna, emerald and cyan for the design package.

“It felt like we were creating a digital painting,” she explains. “We used some in-house tricks and digital photography to create multi-layered stills and composited treated images of icons including badges, a cowboy hat, film reels, boots and spurs, and then integrated images of SXSW contestants who became part of the texture of the package. The program open is all about the textures of the festival, the painterliness, the cuttiness, the energy, in the end, creating something at once rustic and crisp.”

In addition to Martinez, the Zona team included executive producer Dennis Fluet, designer Agnes Nowkowska and composite artist Supara Sophnowasu.