August 11, 2006


The film is based on Jason Lethcoe's graphic novel "Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted." Tim Allen plays Jack, formerly Captain Zoom, an out-of-shape former superhero who has lost his powers and is reluctantly called back into action to turn a group of kids into a new generation of superheroes. The film also features Courtney Cox and Chevy Chase.

The prologue is a dynamic, comic book-style sequence that introduces the government reactivation of Team Zenith with the four young superheroes being trained at the Academy.

For the design, Karin Fong worked closely with comic book illustrator Alex Maleev, whose credits include the Marvel Comics series "Daredevil."

"The sequence should read as a print piece that unfolds - and not a Saturday morning cartoon," describes Fong, noting that the piece is not fully animated. "Instead, we used camera moves and limited animation to propel the characters and the viewer through the still frames. It's a hybrid between reading and watching."

The Imaginary Forces team also created the epilogue, which was designed to look like a graphic novel, introducing the new Team Zenith in a modern style.

In addition to Fong, the IF team included art director/designer Jyoteen Majmudar; designers and animators Stan Lim, Bill Bak, Joan Lau, Brett Krauss, Paul Yeh, Bradley Grosh, Arya Senboutaraj, Ian Kim, Daryn Wakasa, Camille Chu, and Sonny Chen; and illustrator Alex Maleev.

Peter Pentazis and Richard Isanove were colorists on the project. Justine Gerenstein and Danielle White served as editors. Matt Spencer and Nick Rubenstein handled Inferno work and Kathy Kelehan served as producer.