October 1, 2007


One of 1080 Inc.'s creative services is 1080 Entertainment, a TV series and feature film content development and distribution company, which is currently working with the San Antonio branch on 10 one-hour episodes of Jurassic Fight Club. The History Channel program will offer a new look at prehistoric animals and the battles they fought millions of years ago.

"The name 1080 tells people where we are today," says managing partner Don White.  "For 30 years Match Frame has been a good name, but it really refers to the era of one-inch linear edit bays.  We've gone beyond that with extensive HD post production for programming and spots.  So we're uniting our post group under the 1080 banner, a name which immediately positions us in the HD arena."

Match Frame has been posting hours of HD programming at the San Antonio facility, while the Austin studio has been busy working on HD spots. Earlier this year, the Austin branch moved to a new, larger, facility in the heart of the city's Market District. The location is home to Autodesk Inferno/Smoke with 2K capabilities and can handle HDCAM SR material in 4:4:4.