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May 1, 2007
ANIMATION LAB EMBARKS ON FIRST CG FEATURE Williams, a veteran of the entertainment industry, has animated, storyboarded and designed characters on more than 20 feature films. He has worked on projects for studios such as Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., Fox, DreamWorks and Sony, with credits that include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Lion King and Open Season. Most recently, Williams supervised the animation on Disney's upcoming feature, Underdog.  

The Wild Bunch is an animated comedy-adventure about a ragtag team of common wildflowers and plants that are attacked by an evil army of genetically-modified cornstalks, determined to take over their idyllic meadow. According to producer Ballentine, the studio will be using Autodesk Maya 8.5 running on Linux-based machines to create the animation. Animation Lab is still investigating rendering solutions.  

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