October 16, 2007


Daniel Stern, executive VP, sales for Archion, says, "There are hundreds of Avid Unity and LANshare systems with aging ZX chassis that have no replacement or expansion options. By initiating this trade-in, we wanted our customers to know they have options to expand and enhance their Unity and LANshare systems. Synergy HD provides superior media protection at a cost that is 50 percent less than equivalent mirrored Avid storage. This trade-in promotion increases ROI and renews their existing technology without requiring costly and time consuming upgrades."
Synergy HD was engineered to expand the storage requirements of existing Unity clients without the need to replace or upgrade their current Unity infrastructure. Unlike Unity MediaNetworks, Synergy HD's hardware RAID protects media in the event of a drive failure without the need to mirror.

The company's Synergy HD4 extends Synergy HD's abilities from 400MB/sec to 800 MB/sec bandwidth with its dual 4GB FC ports. It also increases capacity from 8TB to 12TB in the same 3 RU space.