May 15, 2007


The latest release introduces powerful plug-ins that easily integrate with leading 3D and digital content creation applications so artists can edit, save, and collaborate during all stages of the production process. A new remote client set-up is a streamlined version of a full-featured client that delivers accelerated performance for users who work remotely or have a slow connection. 

Licenses are now maintained and tracked on a single server, making it easier for site administrators to manage licenses for large-team environments with hundreds of users. It can be installed on unlimited servers, taking advantage of load balancing and projects can be distributed to multiple servers without issuing additional license files.

Administrative groups can be used to select projects and apply pre-defined tasks to all projects within a group. Administrators can also apply customized or routine tasks, such as scheduled backups and consistency checks. 

Alienbrain 8 ( has a starting price of $495 and is available in three configurations: Alienbrain 8: Essentials for Programmers; Alienbrain 8: Essentials for Artists; and Alienbrain 8: Advanced.