April 4, 2007


The SD|Fidelity, SD|Focus and SD|Prime are multipurpose uncompressed SD SDI/analog video cards that offer a number of SD SDI and analog video and audio I/O connections and options. All are compatible with most of today’s popular nonlinear editing and compositing products, including the Adobe Production Studio suite, the Windows Media Encoder, Autodesk Combustion & 3D Studio Max, and Eyeon’s Digital Fusion. 

The video cards are bundled with Bluefish444’s Symmetry acquisition, review and play-out software. The app supports a range of industry standard file formats, and provides a cost effective, simple way for artists to frame-accurately acquire, review and play out video projects in YUV or RGB color space. Symmetry supports playlist, clip editing and EDL import features.

All three cards are supported by the Bluefish444 Direct Show filters contained in the Windows driver. The filters make the three cards seamlessly operational with any Direct Show-based application, increasing the number of apps either video card is capable of supporting.   

The cards have PCI Express interfaces and offer Universal Binary driver support, making them compatible with Intel and Power PC-based Macs. A unified driver supporting Apple Final Cut Studio, Tiger OSX and QuickTime 7 will ship for free as standard with all three cards.Pricing is for SD|Fidelity is $1,495. SD|Focus will cost $1,295 and SD|Prime will retail for $995.