July 2, 2007


Other additions include new filters that incorporate image scaling and motion tracking, as well as OGL acceleration for creating unique looks and organic effects.

The new BCC 5.0 on-screen controls are designed specially for Avid AVX systems and provide editors with an organized workspace in which they can visually set up often used geometric parameters, such as Motion Tracker and Pixel Chooser. The new BCC 5.0 contextual controls reduce user interface clutter. The new EZ mode helps users keep their focus on the main filter parameters.

New BCC 5.0 filters are either multi-core processor or OGL accelerated to take full advantage of new desktop and laptop hardware. BCC Pan and Zoom improves on the Avid Pan and Zoom filter by giving users more control for precise image scaling and re-sampling. The new BCC UpRez filter provides high quality conversion results. And the new BCC Match Move filter allows users to combine motion tracking with transformation/compositing of a layer.

BCC 5.0 for AVX has an MSRP of $895 (new) and $295 (upgrade) for Avid Xpress Pro systems and $1995 (new) and $599 (upgrade) for Avid Media Composer and Symphony systems.