July 5, 2007


Carl Seibert is the managing director at Speedshape, and says, "Because of our ability to work with engineering data, designs come directly from the actual engineering specifications, so the visual replication is nearly indistinguishable from its real-life counterpart. This means that we can actually produce an entire spot using strictly CG assets that are not physically available - all right here in the comfort of our studio."

Robert Nederhorst serves as Speedshape's VFX supervisor. He says that in designing the studio's pipeline, the "goal was to create a seamless way for creative clients to work [with] any medium and any type of data. We use the latest in digital production technology and our bleeding edge hardware and software can accommodate emerging digital production techniques. We can effortlessly support digital film camera digital data sets including the Viper and Red cams and can process that data through intermediate applications and conform up to 4K resolution. We are able to offer 3D storyboarding and previsualization, and are really unique in that we can support print, interactive, broadcast, and feature film projects - at the same time and from the same assets. True resolution independence."

Speedshape LA recently worked with Anonymous Content's Joseph Kosinski on a project that showcases the Saab Aero X concept car. The Blackbird spot features a fully functional vehicle as it traverses breathtaking terrain - viewable from the interior and exterior, as well as from mechanical perspectives. Speedshape has done similar work for clients such as Harley Davidson and Michelin. 

The studio has over 200 years combined production experience. Additional talent includes producer Steve Griffith, CG super Greg Tsadilas, VFX artist Erick Schiele, and supervising TD Gordon Chapman.