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May 17, 2007
DANCING DIABLO CREATES STOP-MOTION FOR CHIPS AHOY! Cut down :07 and :08 versions will also air in May as "live interviews" with Chunky, the Chips Ahoy! spokes-cookie, and the hosts of Telemundo's  Cotorreando and  Cada Dia programs. According to Dancing Diablo executive producer Diego Sanchez, pre-production, boards and animatics were done at Dancing Diablo/Caracas. 

The animation and the shoot were executed at Dancing Diablo/NY. Post production was completed at the facility's Venezuela office.In each of the bumpers the chocolate-loaded Chunky character is being interviewed - much like a celebrity - addressing questions regarding his success and shape. Director of stop motion Elanna Allen posed Chunky frame-by-frame to create the body language needed to support the dialogue track. 

"I began by listening to the audio track, maybe 20-30 times, until I could hear it in my head without looking at a script," says Allen. "Then, I pictured where he would put his body with each cue and made extensive notes. Next, I broke down the audio into 30ths and logged every sound and once I knew what sound was where I noted where each acting point would occur and methodically implemented each move so Chunky's performance would appear spontaneous."

The Dancing Diablo creative team also included creative director Beatriz Helena Ramos, director of photography Michael Eder and compositor José Antonio Ojea.

Sound design and audio post took place at Sound and Vision in NYC, with Joe Casalino serving as engineer. Stock music, obtained from NYC's Propeller, was used for the underscore.

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