July 19, 2007


Ewen has been freelancing for the past 10 years and recently served as senior Avid editor for MTV's on-air promos. He decided to go out on his own in order to have more creative control over his career, so he purchased the Adrenaline from Virtual Media and took up space with Now Hear This, a studio that he's collaborated with for years.

According to Ewen, he will be offering offline and online editing services, as well as design/animation via After Effects, and full production services.

"I have been producing/editing (pre-editing) a lot in the last few years, and feel that this is a valuable service to offer potential clients," says Ewen. "I want to work on commercials, promos, PSAs, content for the Web, documentaries and fiction-based projects for films and television. I have never wanted to be known as one type of editor. I feel that with Ewen Industries, I can be a creative editor who takes on any project that comes along."

Ewen's recent MTV credits include a Taco Bell Video Music Awards spot, a Yahoo Movie Awards User Spoofs spot, and a Sean John 2007 Spring Break/Unforgivable campaign.