May 3, 2007


Whole Grain Nation II was produced and posted by Guerilla FX and features people in both rural and urban environment, touting the benefits of whole grain in General Mills' Honey Nut Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Total, and Lucky Charms cereals, among others. Imagery of grain is also composited onto buildings in several scenes.

Guerilla FX director/creative director Thor Raxlen says part of the challenge in producing the spot was finding a wide variety of locations that represented the entire country, while staying in close proximity to NYC. Additionally, the spot has a springtime feel in spite of a major storm dumping snow in the New York area.

"We had to get really creative with where and what we could shoot," notes Raxlen. "A lot of the footage was lensed with hand-held cameras and long lenses, which allowed the camera to discover our subjects. We had only eight days to complete this job, and everyone gave their all - the Guerilla FX team and the agency folks as well."

The spot was shot on 16mm film on location in New York City, Pelham and Mount Vernon by a Guerilla FX team lead by Raxlen, executive producer Doug Robbins and DP Joplin Wu. Raxlen also edited the project in Final Cut Pro. Adobe After Effects and Photoshop were used for effects work.

Guerilla FX's Jesse Holmes and Jason Yantz served as compositors on the job. Linda Peters was concept designer and Jody Peters served as post supervisor.

Colorist Victor Mulholland of Company 3 in New York City completed the film-to-tape transfer.  AudioEngine's  Joe Vagnoni handled the final mix. Stock imagery was provided by Getty Images.