February 2, 2007


Hot Fuzz was written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg and reunites the creative force behind the successful 2004 British film Shaun Of The Dead. The plot revolves around top London cop who struggles to adapt when he finds himself reassigned to a sleepy West Country village and partnered with an oafish but well meaning young constable. A series of events reveal that the community is not as perfect as it seems.

Hackenbacker director Julian Slater served as supervising sound editor on the project. His business partner Nigel Heath spent the last six weeks mixing the final product.

"The audio is very complex on different levels but there is a reason for every element of the soundtrack," says Slater. "To capture the atmosphere and to enhance the comedy, the film uses layers of sounds and effects so that they provide aural jokes as well as illustrating the dialogue. As a result the viewer will still be noticing new sound gags even if they watch it three of four times."