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May 9, 2007
HORNET ANIMATES G4'S 'GCYCLE' PROJECT The low-fi "Dude, c'mon" campaign is based on illustrations by Adam Culbert (a.k.a. Sam Brown of In each, a clueless dude is being reprimanded for his irresponsible disposal of gear. In Cell Phone, clueless chucks his old cell phone into the ocean but then suffers the wrath of an angry fish.

Another spot, titled Batteries, features the clueless dude feeding batteries to pigeons before an angry plant sucks up his head. The spots close with the graphic "Dude, c'mon. Gcycle your phones, batteries and gadgets" and the logo.

Hornet credits include editors Anita Chao and Joseph Suslak, along with animators Jason Patterson, Dan Abdo and Masako Miyazaki. The studio used Adobe Flash, After Effects and Photoshop on the project.

Salt Lake City's Struck Design created the Website. Barton & Holt in LA handled music and sound design. LA's Play Sound mixed the commercials.

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