January 9, 2007


Directed by Aaron Stewart, the open follows a gang of five white wanna-be rappers walking through a tough New York neighborhood. One by one, the bunch gets smaller, with one girl getting carried off by a bunch or roaches and another guy being chased away by an angry pitbull. Finally, the last contestant makes it to his destination, with the soundtrack mocking how hard it is to be an up-and-coming rapper - "especially if you're white!"

The studio used Adobe Flash and After Effects to created the open, which features 2D characters composited with treated photo backgrounds. Stewart and Dan Abdo handled character animation duties. Gregor Hofbauer, John Earle and Michael Seiser were all designers on the project. Anita Chao cut the open.

Additional credits include executive producer Michael Feder, producer Hana Shimizu, creative director Brent Rollins, art director Amanda Havey and producer Dave Perry.
Music for the open was created by former Bad Brains member, Darryl Jennifer.