April 5, 2007


With Incinerator 2007, Lustre 2007 now has support for video workflows through capture, render and play out of interlaced SD or HD footage. Drop-frame timecode support has been added, as has 10-bit HD SDI output from an Nvidia graphics card for high-quality preview. 

A dual-head, split-screen grading mode allows for the grading toolset to be displayed in the user interface while grading decisions are shown on a reference monitor. Inter-connectivity with the Smoke editing/finishing system and Flame visual effects system, provides the ability to grade source files in Lustre at the same time as finishing in Smoke or Flame. Proxies can be generated in Lustre from Smoke or Flame media. There is also support for the Autodesk Control Surface.

Denmark's Duckling Post served as a beta tester of Incinerator 2007 and reports that it is now using the solution on just about every commercial that goes through the facility.