June 19, 2007


Through the new initiative, Kodak will provide factory calibration support for all new diTTo motion picture scanning systems. This factory calibration is an extension of the professional service offerings provided through Kodak Motion Picture Services and consists of customized color patches and film stocks that will characterize each scanner. Data generated via the characterization will be analyzed and used to generate a color transform that will ensure that each scanner is calibrated to accurately record the color gamut associated with color negative films.  
In addition, diTTo will optionally feature a built-in version of Kodak’s Display Manager (KDM) software within each on-scanner host computer display - Cintel's Realtime Image Viewer. Using patented film emulation technology, this custom version of KDM will allow diTTo customers to pre-visualize what their scanned film will look like when printed.

The diTTo scanner can also be configured with the D/SCO option, which provides optical correction of dust and scratches within the scanner. A D/SCO-equipped diTTo also provides an output defect file generated by the scanner, which allows efficient additional downstream dust-busting.

As part of the overall agreement, Cintel has licensed Kodak intellectual property associated with Cintel’s production of the D/SCO output map and the use of the map by Cintel’s end user customers.