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June 6, 2007

Conceived by BBDO Detroit and directed by Dana Christiaansen of Plum Productions, the :30 theatrical and television ad features the Fantastic 4's Fantasticar, a futuristic vehicle dreamed up by Dodge that travels 500 miles an hour, sports fire-resistant seating and boasts the automaker's muscle car inspired Hemi engine.

Throughout the spot, the narration refers to the levitating vehicle as a modern day production car that happens to experience proton- powered acceleration - and can fly.

The spot was shot live action using a prop car that features the recognizable Dodge Ram logo on the grill. According to Milagro Post's co-owner Michael Suggs, the only CG appears at the end of the spot, when the car flies around the Fantastic 4 logo.

The spot was shot on 35mm film and scanned into Milagro Post's film SAN via their Spirit Datacine as 2K data files. The offline edit list was imported into the studio's Quantel iQ where it was conformed.

DI colorist Rick Unger performed color grading using the Quantel Pablo. Quantel's eQ was used for rig and wire removal, and was also used to add heat waves underneath the car to create the levitation effect.  

A 2K universal digital master was created to allow for multiple deliverables, including cinema scope and flat versions for theatrical release, and both HD and SD versions for broadcast.

The Milagro team included editor Kevin O'Brien, Flint artist Paula Carlson and eQ artist Brent Edwards. 

Sound design was created by Sacred Noise, and Ron Rose Productions' Russ Fitzpatrick mixed the project. Weta Digital provided visual effects.

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