October 31, 2007


VT[5] also includes advanced keying capabilities, integrated SDI switching support and automated clip playback, with simultaneous output to video, projector and Web stream. The system's HD capabilities include realtime, nonlinear editing, video painting and a full-featured animated character generation package. VT[5]'s realtime, uncompressed video processing with component and SDI output delivers high video quality and an optional serial digital switcher adds an additional eight SDI inputs and SDI routing functionality.

LiveSet allows separate virtual sets to be assigned independently to all switcher inputs, including all cameras and DDRs. In addition, each input has an independent LiveMatte matting module that eliminates the need for expensive hardware for each source connected to the system. Each virtual set supports virtual cameras with multiple angles and zoom levels, with support for secondary video sources for on-set virtual monitors.

The VT[5] is priced at $4,995 and current owners of previous versions can upgrade $1,495.