May 21, 2007


Delaney used FilmLight's Northlight film scanner, Baselight color grading system and Truelight color management for the digital intermediate and to establish a series of distinct looks that help to guide audiences through the feature's shifts in time and perspective.

Take, starring Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner, is the story of a woman who travels across the desert to confront the man who murdered her young son on the eve of his execution. The film is told in nonlinear order, moving back and forth between the present and the past, and between the points of view of the main characters as they reflect on how their lives became intertwined.

According to Delaney, four distinct color treatments were established to reflect the different time periods. "The color treatments let people know instantly where they are in time and viewpoint," he explains. "At the same time, we were careful not to do anything too stylized that would take you out of the story. We didn't want to hit the audience too hard or call attention to the look per se - merely give an indication."

Post Logic ( performed a number of tests on cinematographer Tristan Whitman's 35mm footage to determine how best to achieve the desired effect.  The test was also used to verify the Truelight room calibration, ensuring a closed loop from Post Logic's scanners/Barco projectors/film recorders and the client's film lab of choice.

Delaney performed the final color grade at 2K resolution on a Baselight Four system. Using a silver retention photo-chemical process look as a starting point, he worked with Oliver and Whitman in creating the four looks.