July 19, 2007


Bogdanowicz joins Post Logic as executive VP of imaging science. He recently retired from Kodak after 32 years with the company, a majority of which were spent in the color science engineering laboratory and the motion picture divisions. He is renowned for his work in color science modeling, systems modeling, photographic simulation, color perception and basic photographic system problem solving. His work has earned him two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Leconte will serve as the new VP of software engineering and will develop custom solutions tailored to the needs of Post Logic's digital intermediate clients. He joins Post Logic Studios from Hollywood's Pacific Title and Art Studio, where he served as VP and head of software development since 2002.  During his tenure with Pacific Title, Leconte co-developed the Rosetta digital YCM archival process, leading to a Science & Technology Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He also designed several custom workflow processes at Pacific Title for digital camera acquisition, DI, restoration and color management.

The image science division is currently working with Dalsa Digital Cinema to transfer test footage from the Origin 4K camera to film as part of their efforts to optimize Post Logic's 4K pipeline.