October 18, 2007


The LooksBuilder application can be used to pre-visualize looks anywhere. The standalone app’s intuitive interface models the way light moves through a camera with simulated filters, lenses and film stocks that can be adjusted on the fly. Looks presets are portable and load into any of the supported editing hosts, so the same Looks created on set are the ones used to finish in the editorial suite.

Thirty six new tools expand upon the 10 simple functions of Magic Bullet Editors’ Look Suite. The tool is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro & Motion, and Avid applications. The standalone LooksBuilder application can run on laptops for Looks generation anywhere. And the Magic Bullet Misfire feature adds film damage to artificially age film.

Magic Bullet Looks is priced at $399. Existing Magic Bullet Editors or Magic Bullet Suite customers can upgrade to Magic Bullet Looks for $99.