August 27, 2007


Grow Out begins with an invisible man, who gradually appears as he turns on his television and logs on to Time Warner's Internet service.


The Power of You commercial is comprised of three vignettes, which go against viewers' expectations. In one, a speeding motorcycle gang is revealed to be a pack of elderly women. In another, a traditional Buddhist ritual becomes much more relaxed when an African American man puts his twist on it. And in the third, an Indian woman in traditional clothing, is shown making a music video in an inner city.

The spot is meant to demonstrate how the Internet connects everyone globally, and how you can be somewhere, totally out of your comfort zone, and still be connected.

Wildchild's Alexandra Leal served as executive producer on The Power of You while Resident's managing director Scott Pryor executive produced the more heavily effects driven Grow Out.

The invisible man effect was achieved by shooting background plates and using motion control techniques. Pryor says the team shot layers with the character in the frame and out of the frame, and then rotoscoped the figure in when needed.

The reappearing particle effect was developed in Autodesk Maya, with an additional "dot matrix" effect applied in Adobe After Effects. Elements, such as the floating TV remote control and blanket were created entirely in CG.

Resident's Gene Nazarov served as creative director. Orges Kokosahri was 3D animator and Adam Vandine served as animator. 

Wildchild president/editor Yvette Pineyro edited both spots, aided by assistant editor Chuck Granado.