May 3, 2007


He also stresses a commitment to further invest in, and develop, digital tools. Over the next few months, Digieffects will focus on working with users to update products in the short-term as well as define a long-term product roadmap.

Toolfarm, a distributor and information resource for video plug-ins, has been appointed the exclusive distributor for all Digieffects products  ( The Delirium, CineLook, Aurorix, Berserk, Euphoria and Fantazm products will continue to be sold.

Delirium features over 40 special effects plug-ins, including tools for creating particle-based fire, smoke and bubbles. CineLook 2 makes video look like film and renders as much as 9x faster than previous releases. Aurorix is a set of 26 special effects filters for textures and patterns, distortion, lighting simulation and adding grain, hair, dust and discoloration.

Berserk is a pack of 20 special effects for easily generating fully customizable organic distortions and natural effects. Euphoria contains 19 special effects plug-ins for Photoshop and Premiere, including tools for creating particle-based fire, smoke and rain. And Fantazm is a set of 36 plug-ins for simulating print graphics and distortion effects, including easy-to-use Pixxy 3D tools for making animated geometric primitives.

Digieffects encourages users to voice their opinions and ideas at or the Toolfarm Digieffects forum at